I know, SHITTY QUALITY. I made this video a couple weeks ago, it was for the most special person in my life. I’ve been feeling lonely without him, he knows me better than anyone. And I really fucking hate that I had to move away… but we’ll always be close, I know. There’s no way I could find someone better than him. He supports me and helps me through everything, tells me I’m beautiful when I know I look like shit, and he’s just straight up amazing. Moving on sucks, I hope and dream we’ll be together again someday, as lovers.. but if we’re just friends the rest of our lives that’s okay. I just want him to be happy and if that means showing up at his wedding with a big smile on my face and a congratulations present, well I can do that too. Je t’aime!
you can stalk him, here: http://supernovasuicide.tumblr.com/

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